Human Resource Management Center (HRMC)

is a web- and phone-based application solution provider (ASP), specializing in artificially intelligent, automated human-resource processes. For more than 20 years, we have pioneered innovative, award-winning human-resource solutions, ultimately developing the industry’s premier hiring system, HRMC AcclaimTM.

HRMC’s founder is Ron Selewach,

a graduate of Cornell University’s prestigious School of Industrial and Labor Relations. Ron’s success as the vice president of human resources for a Fortune 100 company led him on a path of discovery: there had to be a better way to manage redundant tasks associated with recruitment and retention while improving the quality of the candidate experience, increasing the accuracy of the candidate evaluation process, and turning the HR department into a recognized revenue generator. He founded HRMC in 1984 and has been turning that dream into reality ever since, continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and surpassing client expectations.


we perceive our clients as partners, rather than customers. Exceptional customer service has been a company standard from day one. We are passionate about our customer service capability, and believe that this aspect of client experience is integral to the value of our products and to our identity as an organization.