Employers, Career Rocket® can help YOU!

Numerous recent articles have pointed out the dilemma facing employers today when searching for quality new hires, especially for those jobs suitable for new and recent graduates from high schools, technical schools, and community colleges. We all know how difficult it is to find applicants with the necessary hard skills, work ethic and appropriate work-related behaviors. How many times have you found yourself thinking “If I could just find someone with a good work ethic and a willingness to learn, I could take care of whatever else is missing.” Career Rocket will help you identify those traits reliably and consistently while showcasing individual achievement and initiative.

Career Rocket has been designed to:

  • help guide students into career choices suitable to their academic preparation, interests, and work values,
  • help them identify the educational institutions that can prepare them for their career choices,
  • develop ePortfolios of competency-signaling information more comprehensive than just an education and work experience resume,
  • and make it easy for you to find and evaluate these emerging new workforce candidates.

What is a Career Rocket E-Portfoliosm?

Career Rocket is an automated guidance technology designed as a user-friendly online career development system tailored specifically for people considering an alternative to a 4-year education, but excluding no one. The ePortfolio is an online tool to track individual educational and career accomplishments and document those accomplishments in a cloud-based system accessible by individuals and employers. Career Rocket E-Portfolios are similar to a resume but contain more and better competency-signaling information for people just beginning their careers. The E-Portfolio will help employers understand not only a person’s state of preparation for career commencement but also includes assessment scores and results; reference recommendations; educational information; paid and unpaid work and internships; special skills, awards, certifications, and work samples together with ratings of work-related behaviors as observed in the classroom and any work sites.

Career Rocket has been in conceptual design for several years and is just now being rolled out in stages. The portfolio generation has been completed and implemented at several schools. When completed the initiative will have 4 main components. If you’d like more information, please contact us (contact info is in the “About HRMC” section.

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