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As an educator you are well aware that the path to career entry for today’s youth is filled with potential road blocks and often confusing entry requirements. Finding a place in the world of work is not unlike a search for the one key piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Successful career development is an ongoing process. Our students differ drastically in their career readiness abilities, career planning forethought, and general preparation to move forward on a career seeking quest. Career Rocket provides a platform for individualized career planning no matter what stage of career readiness a student may find themselves. For many career seekers, career assessments are not readily available. Career Rocket keeps all the tools for career decision-making and a career seeker’s information in a secure location that can be accessed anytime and place. Think of it as a career launch pad for career success.

Why Career Rocket?

Research has shown that goal setting promotes increased performance. The same holds true for those career seekers who have an identified career goal. Those with career goals are more inclined to perform well and achieve greater academic and career success, taking hold of their lives and their futures!

Career Rocket will provide a long term vehicle to promote progression in career development activities, provide a guide during the selection of a major course of study or certificate program, and assist a career seeker to secure an executive internship and a career.

What is a Career Rocket E-Portfoliosm?

Career Rocket E-Portfolio is an automated guidance technology designed as a user-friendly online career development system. Career Rocket technology is a tool to track individual educational and professional accomplishments from school to throughout a lifetime. Those accomplishments can be documented in a Career Rocket E-Portfolio, similar to a resume but with more and better competency-signaling information for people just beginning their careers. The E-Portfolio will help employers and/or continuing education counselors understand not only a career seeker’s state of preparation for career commencement, but also help match knowledge, skills, and interests to various career opportunities and educational tracks. E-Portfolio can be easily accessed at any point in time and utilized as a tool in the way that is best suited to the individual’s need.

Portfolio customization might include assessment scores and results, reference recommendations, educational information, paid and unpaid work and internship experience information, special skills, awards, and work samples.

When registered on Career Rocket, the career seeker can access instructional activities that assist the student in the creation of their portfolio. Career Rocket E-Portfolios are convenient to access and use, over the long haul.

What else? Matching with an Employer or Internship Sponsor!

Students will be able to elect to use this secure site to link their Career Rocket E-Portfolio (without the inclusion of any of their personal information) strengths and abilities and interests with a screened and approved Internship Sponsor in their community. In the future, this matching service will include job placements!

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